SmartNews Online Meetup #11

Life in SmartNews as backend engineers Vol.2

2020.07.03 (Fri) 19:00 - 20:00 (JST)

Learn about the challenges behind building the modern backend system that powers SmartNews Rain Radar! Gain deep insights into the system design process including the algorithm we use to forecast when rain will both begin and end falling. Original developers of the system will be present to discuss their experiences working on one of our most popular features, and we’re excited to dive deep into the details with you during Q&A. See you there!


Jeff Goldman / Engineering Manager
Jeff transitioned from an ALT deep in the inaka of Kyushu to a full stack web developer and has spent the past five years working at a variety of startups in Tokyo. He joined SmartNews in July as an Engineering Manager.

Kun Zhang / Software Engineer
Kun spent nearly 4 years as a core platform engineer at one of the top tech companies in Japan before joining SmartNews in late 2019. He has been a key contributor as both system designer and developer on many of the app’s recent, critical features including Rain Radar.

Guoxiang Li / Software Engineer

Originally an SIer, Guoxiang has worked in various internet ventures in China and Japan. He joined SmartNews in April of this year and is currently the main backend engineer working on weather systems. He recently upgraded his graphics card right before NVIDIA announced their new line…