SmartNews Online Meetup #14

How we are tackling the Challenges of Global Product Development

2020.08.14 (Fri) 12:00 - 14:00 (JST)

We bring to you an online event in which Ken Suzuki, Founder and CEO of SmartNews and a self-proclaimed product geek, and Shintaro Yamada, Founder and CEO of Mercari, and SVP of Product, Jeannie Yang will talk all about what goes into developing their global products!

SmartNews released a major update in July, brought about by a collaboration between the product development teams in Japan and the US. SmartNews CEO Ken Suzuki and Senior Vice President of Product Jeannie Yang will present a thorough discussion on the spiral product development cycle that functions across borders by applying features developed for the US to Japan, and vice-versa.

Mercari US used its rebranding in March 2018 as a turning point to maintain sustainable high growth. In a fireside chat, Suzuki, who also served as an outside director for Mercari, will get the inside story from Yamada, who also has the experience of leading business in the US, on his journey and the key to creating a global product.

How will these two startups representing Japan overcome the differences in the market conditions in Japan and the US to take on the challenge of offering their products globally in the future? This is a valuable opportunity to learn what it is like to develop a global product originating in Japan. Come join us if you are an engineer, product manager or designer, or if your work is connected to product development in any way and you are interested in global growth!


Shintaro Yamada / CEO at Mercari
Ken Suzuki / CEO at SmartNews
Jeannie Yang / Senior Vice President of Product at SmartNews
Shuntaro Maeda) / Vice President of Ad Product at SmartNews