SmartNews Online Meetup #8

Building ML Products in Cross Functional Teams

2020.06.05 (Fri) 19:30 - 20:30 (JST)

These days the idea that Machine Learning (ML) will bring benefits to a company and its product is largely considered common knowledge. However realizing the promise of ML is not a given, and requires careful consideration of the business outcomes that are to be achieved, coordination of the stakeholders involved, and navigation of the potential pitfalls. At SmartNews, Product, ML Engineering, Platform Engineering, and Business Development work closely together to attack tricky ML problems. Join us for a talk about some for the challenges we have faced, and lessons we have learned collaborating in a cross-functional environment to ship great ML-powered products.


Martin Major / Senior Product Manager
Senior Product Manager for SmartNews’ ML Classification. Martin has been with SmartNews since 2019 and previously worked for Rakuten’s Big Data Department on its search platform team.

Meng Lee / Machine Learning Engineer
Born in Taiwan, Meng joined SmartNews as a data scientist in 2018. Now he is in AI Foundation team, focusing on text classification and other ML tasks in SmartNews. He is also a lazy blogger @

Egaku Nozomi Wada / JP Media Operations Manager
Egaku joined SmartNews in 2019. She provide the technical support, content analysis, and user research needed for the media to evolve. Egaku is a nickname. Because so many people with the same name in the company.

Robert Speller / Software Engineer
Robert joined SmartNews in January 2018. He predominantly develops serverside/backend and infrastructure. His focus is news discovery, analysis and indexing.

This event will be conducted in English.
Looking forward to seeing you all.