SmartNews Online Meetup #34

Competencies required of a SmartNews Product Designer

2021.03.31 (Wed) 12:00 - 13:00 (JST)

Welcome to SmartNews Online Meetup on March 31rd (Wed) JST!
“Competencies required of a SmartNews Product Designer”

At SmartNews, product designers don’t just design layouts and interactions. They are actively involved from the early stages of planning, collaborating with PMs and engineers to create the optimal user experience while taking into account business goals and technical constraints. This presentation will introduce the specific process and thinking method with PMs and engineers.


Ricky Miller / Software Engineer

Koichi Yamamoto / Product Designer

Nancy Ma / Product Designer

Katsura Mizunami / Senior Product Manager

This event will be conducted in English.
Looking forward to seeing you all.