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the world’s quality informationto the people who need it.

We will continue to send quality information from around the world to those who need it.


Thinking about our mission, “Delivering the world’s quality information to the people who need it,” we only provide a small part of that “quality information” through SmartNews. While our app is already used by many people in Japan, we want it to be used by many more around the world. Our major challenge is to build a scalable architecture that enables global expansion. We are showing rapid growth in the United States, but we aim to expand our user base beyond the U.S. To do so, we have to think constantly about what value we can bring to our users.

By analyzing not only news in the narrow sense but also a wider range of information, we should be able to achieve a non-linear increase in the scale and variety of our data. With that expanded database, we will be able to further leverage machine learning, enabling us to understand deeply both the nature of information from around the world and the needs of our users. We must not only constantly think about how to create a scalable system and how to process big data, but also about the best design for displaying such a wide variety of information from around the world, while maintaining the simplicity of our user interface.

At SmartNews, earnest discussions are always encouraged in order to truly understand what we can do to make users happy and our society full of joy. What is quality information? How do we define diverse information? There are philosophical questions that we must challenge ourselves to answer.

If you are a person who can boldly forge a path even in the midst of uncertainty; if you can identify problems and solve them independently; if you respect others from diverse backgrounds while believing in the global impact of the work that you do: You are the type of talent we are looking for. We welcome you to our journey.

Ken Suzuki

Co-Founder and Executive Chair of the Board

Our Founders

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Ken Suzuki

Co-Founder and Executive Chair of the Board

Ken Suzuki is co-founder and Executive Chair of the Board of SmartNews, the global leader redefining information and news discovery. Ken co-founded SmartNews Inc. in 2012 with the mission of “delivering the world’s quality information to the people who need it.” He is responsible for the vision and strategy of SmartNews, which entered the U.S. market in 2014. Ken graduated from the Department of Physics at Keio University in 1998. He received a Ph.D in Complex Systems and Artificial Life from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at The University of Tokyo in 2009. He has also authored several published works such as “Namerakana Shakai to Sono Teki (The Smooth Society and Its Enemies)”.

Kaisei Hamamoto

Co-Founder & CEO

Kaisei Hamamoto is co-founder and CEO of SmartNews. Kaisei has been interested in aggregating massive amounts of information from the Internet and transforming them into effective visualizations that help people to better understand the world. This interest developed into a personal project in 2010, and then evolved into SmartNews in 2012. His passion for engineering and technology-fueled SmartNews to grow into the No.1 news app in Japan.
Kaisei graduated from Tokyo Institute of Technology’s School of Information Engineering.

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