JP Office Online

SmartNews Online Meetup #54

Work From Home & Parenting

12:00 - 13:00 (JST)

Please note: this event will be held in Japanese with English interpretation available.

It’s been about two years since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and work from home has widely been embraced as one of the “new normal” styles of work. However, even with the conveniences of working from home, many parents undoubtedly still struggle with balancing work and parenting.
During this casual event, working parents from across several business units here at SmartNews will share their experiences and advice on raising children while working from home. We will also introduce some of the systems that SmartNews has to support its working moms and dads.

This event is excellent for people who
・Are curious to get advice from and listen to the stories of working parents in Japan
・Want to learn more about what life is like for working parents at SmartNews


Jeffrey Goldman

Engineering Manager in Product Backend (Moderator)

Having worked in several startups after transitioning from assistant language teacher (ALT) to engineer, Jeffrey joined SmartNews as an Engineering Manager in July 2020. He’s working hard to build the most fun and effective full-stack team while working on many features for the Japanese version SmartNews app, such as coupons and the vaccine feature. He also can’t wait to move out of his one-bedroom apartment!

Sayaka Sato

Paralegal/Legal/Corporate administration

Sayaka previously worked as a legal secretary and book officer at a domestic liaison law firm, where she was responsible for corporate legal matters and support for legal services. She joined SmartNews in November 2019 as a paralegal, handling contractual legal matters and administrative duties for the Legal Team. She also provided legal support for the company’s Series F fundraising and promoted the use of electronic signatures to digitize various internal and external paperwork. She transitioned from part to full-time work during the coronavirus pandemic. She is a mother to two boys: one toddler and one first grader.

Ikuo Suyama

Software Engineer in Ads Product

After working in the SIer and web industries, Ikuo joined SmartNews as a backend engineer in November 2020. He has been working on Internet advertising-related systems for many years and loves advertising more than he loves eating three meals a day. He lives with his wife and two boys. Having joined the company during the pandemic, he works almost entirely remotely and has only been to the office three times.

Nodoka Yukawa

Japan Marketing Division Assistant

After gaining work experience as a call center supervisor at a dental manufacturer, customer support in IT, marketing, and consultant assistant, Nodoka joined SmartNews in October 2014 and is currently working as a content developer and division assistant in the JP Marketing Division. She had a baby in 2013.

Taiichiro Nagase

Software Engineer in Web Foundation

After working for venture companies and start-ups, Taiichiro joined SmartNews in December 2015 as an advertising backend engineer. He became interested in the world of front-end engineering after joining, which directly relates to user experience, and is now involved in improving the article subscription experience as a front-end engineer. He lives with his wife, a dance instructor, and their five-year-old daughter. He loves to chat at the office, so he comes to work once or twice a week.


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