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SmartNews Online Meetup #57

Life as a Frontend Engineer at a Japanese Tech Unicorn

19:00 - 20:00 (JST)

About This Event

The frontend engineers at SmartNews play an integral role in building features that help us achieve our mission of delivering the world’s quality information to the people who need it. But what is it like to really work at SmartNews, a Tokyo-based startup recently valued at 2 billion USD? What kind of projects do they work on, and what sort of engineering culture do they have?

During this casual online event, three of our frontend engineers will answer these questions and more as they talk about the organization and showcase some of the most memorable projects that they have worked on to date. You will also have the chance to submit your questions to our engineers via our registration form!


Bohdan Tereta

Software Engineer, Health & Safety team

Bohdan was born in Ukraine. He earned his Master’s degree in Economical Cybernetics. He has worked for over ten years as a full-stack software engineer/tech lead at various companies, from small agencies to Fortune 500 giants like Ericsson and ABB. He joined SmartNews as a member of Web Technology in May 2020. After finishing the Olympics and Elections projects, he is eager to apply his knowledge and skills next as a member of the Health and Safety squad. He’s been working completely remotely for around the last five years, long before it was the mainstream, and really enjoys this work style. He’s interested in “working on meaningful projects which will have an impact worldwide and define how our world will look like in the future,” and that’s one of the reasons he joined SmartNews.

Ricky Miller

Software Engineer, Web Foundation

Ricky has been a software engineer at SmartNews since 2020. His specialty is modern web and browser technologies. Before joining SmartNews, he worked on projects for tech companies in Tokyo as a contractor. Ricky’s favorite foods are chocolate, yangnyeom chicken, and cheeseburger.

Rohan Malhotra

Software Engineer, Ads Interface

Rohan is a software engineer with a background in both frontend and backend currently working at SmartNews. He is passionate about tech and open source. While working at SmartNews he has worked on projects like shareable coupons, summer & winter Olympics, Japan elections, etc. Before SmartNews, he was a backend engineer at Flipkart where he built and scaled systems to serve 160 million monthly active users. He is also a svelte maximalist.


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