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SmartNews Online Meetup #47

Behind the Scenes of SmartNews’ 1st Hackathon!

12:00 - 13:00 (JST)

Last month, SmartNews held its first company-wide Hackathon!
In this meetup, we would like to take you behind-the-scenes of this event including the background to the Hackathon, its purpose, contents, themes, and demos, and various other aspects.

At SmartNews, we pride ourselves on our “Global One Team” philosophy, working with members across three countries. We hope that you will experience our One Team atmosphere during this event!

※ This event will be held in Japanese with English language interpretation.
Looking forward to seeing you all.


Lei Yamautsuri

Senior Manager of Global Communications

Lei Yamautsuri’s first career after graduating from university was actually not interpretation, but rather POS system development as an SE at Fujitsu. There, she happened to have the opportunity to do some interpretation and ultimately changed her career path to interpretation. After working as an interpreter for Nippon Television Network Corporation, she joined LINE as an in-house interpreter and was also involved in establishing the English interpretation team. She joined SmartNews in 2018. Here she also established the interpretation and translation team. She is also currently a member of the Culture Group where she is involved with creating the company culture of SmartNews.

Daisuke Sasaki

Vice President of Business Planning

Although he had been aiming to become an educator during college, Daisuke Sasaki decided to center his career on another one of his interests: the Internet. After starting his career as an editor, he moved to Livedoor and then to LINE where he worked as an executive officer for their entertainment division. He joined SmartNews in November of 2017 as the Vice President of Business Planning and is now responsible for the media business development department in Japan.

Takumi Endo

Creative Technologist

After graduating from Kunitachi College of Music, Takumi Endo went on to study in England, India, and France as an overseas trainee of the Agency of Cultural Affairs. Since then, he has been invited by both the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program in the capacity of composer. He has also been a UNESCO Acshberg Fellow Artist and has been mainly active in Europe. In 2006, he was certified as a Super Creator by the IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan) for the “Unexplored Software Creation Project.” In 2008, he founded Divi Dual with Dominic Chen and became CEO. He also developed and operated TypeTrace, which was exhibited at Aichi Triennale 2019. He sold Divi Dual to SmartNews in January 2018 and was the PM for new business at SmartNews before assuming his current position. In addition to researching cutting-edge technologies and promoting prototype-driven development, he is engaged in research and fieldwork on the future of democracy.

Takuro Wada

Software Engineer

After working at a large company as well as several startups, Takuro Wada joined SmartNews as a Backend Engineer in September 2018. Since joining the company, he has been working on the infrastructure of the news delivery platform and the development of new features for the US version of SmartNews. His recent hobby is cooking with flour (bread, pizza, etc.).


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