How We Hire

Interested in working at SmartNews?
We’ve put together the following information about our hiring process so you know what to expect from application to offer.

  1. Application


    Submit your resume to the position you’d like to apply for on the jobs page of our career site. We also have a referral program, so consider reaching out to your friends or former colleagues working at SmartNews for an introduction.

  2. Resume Screening

    Resume Screening

    Our recruiters will review your resume to see how your skills and experience match the requirements for the job you’ve applied for. We will typically get back to you with the results in about a week.

  3. Interview Process

    Interview Process

    After the resume screening, we will reach out to begin the interview process. A typical interview process will have three rounds of interviews (online or in-office) with potential teammates, managers, and various people from throughout our organization. The exact content of the interviews will depend on the position you’ve applied for.

  4. Review Feedback from All Interviews

    Review Feedback from All Interviews

    The hiring manager and the stakeholders for the position you applied to will review all of the feedback and information gathered during the interview process to assess if you’d be a good fit for both the requirements of the role and our organizational culture. Because this part of the process involves multiple discussions with a variety of stakeholders, it typically takes us about one to two weeks to reach a decision.

  5. Offer Stage

    Offer Stage

    If we see a match between you and the role, your recruiter will reach out to you with a job offer. We will typically set up a meeting with you and your recruiter to discuss the content of the offer. We’re also happy to invite your future manager to discuss any remaining questions you might have about the position and its expectations. Around this time, we will contact you about a background check. The content of the background check will depend on the position that you’ve applied for. Please contact your recruiter if you have any questions.

  6. Join SmartNews

    Join SmartNews

    Congratulations on receiving an offer! After you accept, your recruiter and our HR team will be in touch with you about the next steps for your onboarding. You’ll soon be on your way to delivering the world’s quality information to the people who need it.

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To learn more about SmartNews’ policies regarding our collection, use, and disclosure of information that we receive in the course of recruitment activities, please read our privacy policy.



What is the selection process?

The standard process consists of a resume screening, usually three to four rounds of interviews with our employees, and then the official offer. Coding tests will be conducted for certain positions. Please note that the number of interviews varies based on the position. For more details, please contact our recruitment team.

Is it possible to conduct the interviews online?

Yes, we offer online interviews via Google Hangouts as one option.

How long are the interviews?

Most interviews are one-on-one discussions and last between 45-60 minutes.

What are the language requirements to work at SmartNews?

Language skill requirements differ for each position. Please check the requirements indicated on the position for which you’d like to apply.

Are there coding tests for engineering positions?

Yes. We use Codility as a platform for our coding tests.
※ Please note that there may be some positions for which there is no coding test.

I have applied for a job at SmartNews before but was not successful. Can I apply again?

Yes, it is possible to reapply.

Can SmartNews sponsor a work visa for successful applicants who need to move abroad?

SmartNews can support work visa based on the position as well as individual eligibility.

What are the benefits and who is eligible for them?

Benefits are indicated on the job descriptions which can be found here.

What is the next step after applying?

Please refer to this answer for information about the interview process after resume screening.