Our Mission

Delivering the world's quality information to the people who need it.

We will continue to send quality information from around the world to those who need it.

The amount of information all of us can read everyday is exploding. It’s impossible to read it all, and hard to determine how reliable it is. In this era of information overload, SmartNews strives to deliver quality information for our users through advanced algorithms and simple user interfaces; and SmartNews strives to support quality content creators for the betterment of our society.

We believe,
News should be trustworthy. Our algorithms evaluate millions of articles, signals and human interactions to deliver the top 0.01% of stories that matter most, right now.
News should be sustainable. We support quality journalism and respect all content creators by sharing traffic and revenue.

Our Corporate Values

For the Common Good

Be a valuable contributor to society. Make a direct commitment to build a better world and help the content ecosystem thrive.

Have Appreciation

Know what is essential. Understand the diverse perspectives of our users and partners.

Be the Owner

Take ownership. Act responsibly and influence others, as we work to accomplish our mission.

SmartNews Enroute

Thinking about our mission, “Delivering the world’s quality information to the people who need it,” we only provide a small part of that “quality information” through SmartNews. While our app is already used by many people in Japan, we want it to be used by many more around the world. Our major challenge is to build a scalable architecture that enables global expansion. We are showing rapid growth in the United States, but we aim to expand our user base beyond the U.S. To do so, we have to think constantly about what value we can bring to our users.

By analyzing not only news in the narrow sense but also a wider range of information, we should be able to achieve a non-linear increase in the scale and variety of our data. With that expanded database, we will be able to further leverage machine learning, enabling us to understand deeply both the nature of information from around the world and the needs of our users. We must not only constantly think about how to create a scalable system and how to process big data, but also about the best design for displaying such a wide variety of information from around the world, while maintaining the simplicity of our user interface.

At SmartNews, earnest discussions are always encouraged in order to truly understand what we can do to make users happy and our society full of joy. What is quality information? How do we define diverse information? There are philosophical questions that we must challenge ourselves to answer.

If you are a person who can boldly forge a path even in the midst of uncertainty; if you can identify problems and solve them independently; if you respect others from diverse backgrounds while believing in the global impact of the work that you do: You are the type of talent we are looking for. We welcome you to our journey.

Ken Suzuki (Co-Founder and CEO)

Selection Process

Our mission, to “deliver the quality information to the people who need it,” starts with top quality people from around the world working together. We believe having a shared passion towards our mission is a very important part of our culture. Our interviews are designed not only for us to learn about your experience, and for you to explore your future team, our mission and what working with us would look like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the selection process?

Standard process consists of a resume screening (coding tests conducted for some positions), interviews with our members (three to four rounds) and the official offer.
*The number of interview rounds vary depending on the position. For more details, please speak with our recruiter.

Is it possible to have the interviews online?

Yes, we offer online interviews as an option via Google Hangouts.

How long are the interviews?

Most interviews are one-on-one discussions and last between 45 to 60 minutes.

I don’t speak English (or Japanese). Can I still apply?

Language skill requirements differ for each position. Please search for the position of your choice and check the requirements.

Are there coding tests for engineering positions?

Yes, we use Codility as a platform for coding tests.
*There are some positions for which we do not conduct coding tests.

I have applied for a job at SmartNews before, Can I apply again?

Yes , you can, Please search for current openings here.

I will require a visa to work in Japan. Does SmartNews provide support for obtaining a work visa?

We provide visa support to successful candidates in their journey to Japan.

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