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SmartNews Online Meetup #55

Casual Chat with the Webtech Engineers at SmartNews

19:00 - 20:00 (JST)

About This Event

The WebTech engineers at SmartNews provide web technology services for both Japan and US products. Coming from various teams in the engineering division, this cross-functional group develops websites on a hybrid app using front-end technologies. They work on features that improve user experience on the app, like our SmartView feature, as well as those that handle in-demand information in real-time such as the Coronavirus Real-Time Updates and Olympics features.

But what is it like to be part of this indispensable group? How is the work divided, and what opportunities are there to develop as an engineer? Get answers to these questions and more during our Online Open Office with the WebTech team!

We recommended this event for people who:
・Are passionate about building B2C products for users with an emphasis on usability and esthetics
・Want to learn more about working in a dynamic, cross-functional team
・Are curious to learn more about the engineering culture at SmartNews

Open Positions on This Team

Software Engineer, Frontend

What’s an Online Open Office?
Similar to an open day at a school or university, our Online Open Office series is a chance to meet screen-to-screen with people from SmartNews. We highlight one team per open office, providing them the opportunity to go deep on topics about their work and life at SmartNews. You can also get answers to your questions either by asking in advance on the registration page or during the event using the chat feature.

This event is an excellent event for anyone who wants to learn more about SmartNews, especially those actively interviewing or considering applying for a position!


Yu-Cheng Chen (Chens)

Engineering Manager, JP Top Card

Chens was born in Taiwan and has lived in several places in Japan. He has worked as a frontend engineer for the past ten years at various companies and joined SmartNews in 2019. Recently, he is supporting the web technology guild in SmartNews.

Ricky Miller

Software Engineer, Web Foundation

Ricky has been a software engineer at SmartNews since 2020. His specialty is modern web and browser technologies. Before joining SmartNews, he worked on projects for tech companies in Tokyo as a contractor. Ricky’s favorite foods are chocolate, yangnyeom chicken, and cheeseburger.

Bohdan Tereta

Software Engineer, Health & Safety team

Bohdan was born in Ukraine. He earned his Master’s degree in Economical Cybernetics. He has worked for over ten years as a full-stack software engineer/tech lead at various companies, from small agencies to Fortune 500 giants like Ericsson and ABB. He joined SmartNews as a member of Web Technology in May 2020. After finishing the Olympics and Elections projects, he is eager to apply his knowledge and skills next as a member of the Health and Safety squad. He’s been working completely remotely for around the last five years, long before it was the mainstream, and really enjoys this work style. He’s interested in “working on meaningful projects which will have an impact worldwide and define how our world will look like in the future,” and that’s one of the reasons he joined SmartNews.

Ian Gong

Software Engineer, Web Foundation

Ian was born in China and has lived in Japan for three years. He has worked at SmartNews for almost one year and is now helping the company build its web-tech foundations and tools to improve efficiency. Prior to that, he worked for six years as a front-end engineer for large companies in China and Japan.

Michelle Lei

Software Engineer, JP Health & Safety

With prior software internship experience in North America, Michelle actually started her career in the Land of the Rising Sun in 2018. She started as a full-stack developer but eventually discovered her passion in frontend development and web technology. Fascinated by the mission and work culture of SmartNews, Michelle joined SmartNews in 2020 as a frontend engineer. She believes that with enough perseverance (and a lot of luck), one can eventually realize their passion in their career if they choose to.


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